Hollandse Nieuwe

The last leg of Haley, Logan, Harvey and my trip consisted of a three night stay in Amsterdam. It would be hard to say for sure but Amsterdam may have been my favorite city that we visited on this trip. 
We began the first day arriving via train from Brussels. We took a cab to our incredible apartment overlooking the Herengracht canal. Buildings are very narrow in Amsterdam, when they were first built they were taxed on the width of the home. This led residents to build tall and narrow homes. Below is a picture of the bottom part of our apartment. 

After navigating our bags up the very steep stairs to our rooms, we left for lunch. Rick and Ruth Anne had a recommendation for a place with great fish. While everyone else opted for the fish and chips, I chose to go with what the locals were eating, the herring. Signs outside all advertised that the “new herring” had come in yesterday. They both also featured a woman eating said herring, shown below. 

This Dutch speciality is really just cleaned and scaled raw herring. It is served cold and with onions and pickles (for tourists). It’s not that it was bad, it was a pretty smooth tasting fish, it’s just that it wasn’t that great either. It was interesting to see other people in this restaurant lining up to eat this same dish, I can’t really think of a seasonal dish that people would line up for in the US. Maybe when soft shell crabs are available, or when fresh tomatoes start ripening. Regardless, I’m glad I tried it but I probably won’t order it at home. 

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  1. Bill on June 21, 2016 at 1:42 am

    Looks like a dress shop below your apartment. I like the fish and the fish eater on your advertisement.

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