See EU Later


Apologies to The Sun, I believe. I stole the title from one of the morning papers here. However, as we jumped on the tube this morning, grabbing a paper as we always do, it read that Nigel Farage thought it was all over. Obviously, they “put the paper to bed” before the official tally was in and they were just expressing their opinion, their hope, the facts as they saw them, or all three.
The BBC was in a snit this morning. Lots of hand wringing all around. The earth wobbled on its axis when the announcement was made. Bookies lost it big time. The pound dropped and the market had its usual response: the “jitters,” whatever that means.

It was a different story on the street. Low and behold, the Brits really do “keep calm and carry on!” Today was just like yesterday, only the weather was better. Our tour guide at the National Gallery, a great guy with London Walks, was the only person who made reference to the referendum all day. He said we needed to hurry in and see the art collection before Britain sends all of Europe’s art back to them.

Every afternoon when we come back to Shepherd’s Bush, we pick up the Evening Standard. Tonight’s edition shows a picture of David and Samantha Cameron this morning as David announced that he would be leaving his job as Prime Minister in about three months. At the tube station this evening, there were no friendly chaps banging on about the Remain campaign and wanting to plant a sticker on me proclaiming to the world that “I’m In.” However, there was a nice little pop-up tent full of men in long robes ready to convert me to Islam.  So I guess the earth wobbled a bit, but it continues to turn.


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  1. Pam Morgan on June 24, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    How did the Lawson’s time this trip so well! What an experience this must be….incredible!!!

  2. Bill on June 25, 2016 at 2:26 am

    I think it only wobbles when The Donald talks. But, we still enjoyed your blog.

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