Flags and Flowers

Nantucket has been a delight. The shopping is epic and expensive. The lobster rolls are epic and expensive, too. The Whaling Museum was fascinating; we entered yesterday morning thinking that we’d kill an hour there, then head to lunch. We ended up going back after lunch and then woke up this morning wishing we had a two day pass!

We have been awed by the beauty and charm of this little town. The flowers have been spectacular and the flags have reminded us that the Fourth of July will be here before we know it. It just seems like a good time and place to do a post on flowers and flags.


One final note: In this great big diverse country, isn’t it reassuring that, no matter what we disagree on, we can all agree that there should be no more monkeys jumping on the beds? I’m talking to you, Harvey!

  1. a beautiful spot displayed by your spectacular pictures….Annie you take all of the fun out if you don’t let monkeys jump on the bed!

  2. Nantucket is such a special island. So glad you enjoyed your time there!
    Beautiful flowers and charming homes and stores…..

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