From Flash to Splash

We are back home and are getting a lid on all the chaos that awaited us. Well, it wasn’t really chaos, but lots of bills and junk mail and tons of stuff to stash and even a few Christmas things to put away. It’s hard to believe it’s already February! We had a wonderful adventure and I want to show a few more fireworks photos from Sydney on 1 January 2024 as well as some photos of the beautiful islands and some incredible creatures we encountered snorkling in French Polynesia. It’s easy to see why Fletcher Christian and the men of the Bounty were cranky when they had to leave Tahiti. Had French Polynesia not been so beautiful, that infamous mutiny may never have occurred.


Australia’s Blue Mountains in New South Wales have a blue haze from the eucalyptus trees that blanket the area. This type of eucalyptus is the favorite food of kangaroos. The area used to be home to a large number of kangaroos, but logging and habitat destruction decimated the area kangaroo population.


These are the Blue Mountain’s iconic Three Sisters.


There are some very impressive waterfalls in the Blue Mountains.


We rode the cable car across the canyon. Not something I’d do in a thunderstorm.



The rays were very friendly and let us pet them. One little lady was pregnant and it was fun to see her “baby bump.”


The black tipped sharks were shy and swam away from us. I just wanted to pet one, but they were too fast for me.


We saw probably 6-8 green sea turtles!

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