The Many Faces of Uzbekistan

Travel is all about the people you meet and the connections you make with others. Even when you don’t speak the same language, that’s OK. We all smile in the same language. But it does seem to go a long way if you can say a few words like “Hello” and “Thank you” in the language of the locals. The Uzbek people have been so kind and welcoming to us and eager to talk to us  Here are just a few of the many faces of Uzbekistan.

The bread maker in Tashkent.


What a family!







Girls in Khiva for the dance festival.


The master of the art of Suzani embroidery.


These ladies made our plov for dinner. Plov is the national dish of Uzbekistan.


Boys heading to school.


We were all sitting and waiting for Friday prayers to finish.


Our guide, Kamol, talking to the policeman while we were waiting for the Friday midday prayers to finish.


The little girl on the right was actually the child of some tourists, but seemed right at home with the locals and was thrilled to be included in our photos.


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    The fabrics are lovely and the people seem happy 😘

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